My name is Jenna – I am a final year Interactive Design student on exchange at the University of the Arts London from Australia. As an aspiring digital designer, I was immediately intrigued at the study of how the rapid evolution of technology has and will continue to impact our lives politically, socially, culturally and economically. As I am entering into this field of work in the very near future, I felt that it would be important to explore the topic of ‘Networked Societies’ to hopefully form a better understanding and a more educated opinion on modern technology and the firm grasp of social media.

Beginning with NetLanguage, listed below are the themes from tutorials and sessions that I will be reflecting on in the coming weeks:

  • NetLanguage
  • Participatory Culture & Transmedia Storytelling
  • Masks & the Performance of Self
  • Counterculture
  • Utopia – No Place
  • The City as a Network
  • The digital Network: ‘Power/Knowledge’
  • Cultural Appropriation: ‘Embrace the Remix’

A lot of these terms I have never heard of – so I look forward to discovering new things about this topic during my short exchange here in London!